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Signs and Symptoms of Gambling Addiction

You gamble in secret

You pursue your gambling activities in such a way that family and friends are not or cannot be aware of it.

You can’t control your gambling

You know that you have a gambling problem but seem unable to do anything about it.

Friends or family have demonstrated concern

Has your wife wondered why some bills have gone unpaid? He she wondered why you, the household accounts, or she is always short of cash in the bank account? Do friends kid you or ask you about your gambling? If these things sound familiar, then you need to consider the significance of your gambling behavior.

Help is Waiting!

Gambling addiction is a complex mental condition in which a number of factors are at work in motivating the behavior. It is not a simple matter of just making your mind up to stop gambling, although for a few people, like some people can make up their mind up to stop smoking “cold turkey” and succeed, most don’t. The actual act of gambling is the end result of a number of beliefs, illusions, impulses, and motivations that all go together to make the decision to bet that money a foregone conclusion. That is why treatment for gambling addiction must entail the discovery of the system of beliefs, illusions, impulses, and motivations behind the compulsive gambling behavior as the first steps in eradicating the addiction. HHBH gambling counseling is effective because its purpose is not just to stop the gambling, but to eradicate the DESIRE to gamble.


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