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Family Therapy works well with small children and teens and is one of our healing points for the individual and family. Communication and connection is primary. In the Black family A positive positive self image, and secure relationship with parents, aunts and uncles is the number one protective factor against mental health issues, academic problems, and drug and alcohol issues.Our basic premise is that everyone in the Family, village(community) ( Tribe)  has contributed And influenced in some way to the problem, and therefore, has an important role in helping Identify and resolving those same problems affecting the child or teen. As a result, therapy with us may involve any number of family member combinations including: Child only, parent/parents only, child/parent, siblings, or the entire family. If your intention is to “fix your child”, then we may not be the right fit for you. But if you’re interested and open to growing and learning along with your son or daughter, then you’re likely to benefit a lot from working with us. Many teens are reluctant to engage in individual therapy but are more open to participating in family therapy. The reason for this is that the focus becomes less about them specifically and more about family dynamics and the problems that everyone plays a role in. When teens know that they’re not going to be on the “hot seat” and that they’re part of the problem but not THE problem, they’re much more open to participating in therapy. And through this process the child is emancipated.

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