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HHBH Peer Support Services  program provides an opportunity for recovering  individuals who have achieved significant  abstinence to assist others in their recovery journeys. HHBH Peer Mentors model recovery, teach skills and offer supports to help people experiencing mental health challenges lead meaningful lives in the community. Peer Mentors promote recovery; enhance hope and social networking through role modeling, connecting clients to community resources and aiding in system navigation1.

HHBH Peer Mentors use their long-term successful experience in to support others in recovery. Combined with skills learned in formal training, and their lived experience, cultural responsivity places them in a unique position to offer support, important connection and hope that recovery is possible.

Peer support services have been shown to:

  • Reduce relapse and recidivism
  • Increase social support and participation in the community
  • Improve well-being, self-esteem, and social functioning
  • Encourage more thorough and longer-lasting recoveries

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